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In 2019, a couple of months after turning 33, I embarked on a journey along the banks of the Ganga River. The idea, proposed by my friend and journalist Sumit Usha in 2016, was to cover the entire length of the river on foot. However, immediately after starting the expedition, we realised that walking, while carrying backpacks of around 20kg each, would be viable neither physically nor economically. After hiking for a month along the mountainous stretch in Uttarakhand, we switched to cycling. The 2,500-km expedition ­— spanning five states ­—  took us through diverse geographical and cultural landscapes. Besides walking and cycling, we hitchhiked in trucks and tractors and travelled in trains, boats and barges. My friend Aditya Varma joined us for a considerable stretch. A long three-and-a-half months after starting from Gangotri Glacier we concluded the expedition at Sagar Island, on the Hindu auspicious day of Makar Sankranti. This gallery is a collection of digital and analogue images I shot while travelling.

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